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Driven By More Than Numbers...

    A natural fascination with numbers and seeing things 'work', Tyler attended Bradford School of Business and graduated with an ASB degree in 2009.  Not content with sitting in an office, he has been under the employ of many different work environments ranging from retail management, food services, insurance, sales, and logistics.  This diverse background has grown Mr. Luzier's overall knowledge of differing markets, business structures, what has worked for those companies, as well as what hasn't.

    In 2017, Tyler decided to use his knowledge and experience to make his own path in an effort to help others better themselves, their businesses, and to increase in wealth to help communities thrive.  Always a 'big picture' thinker, you can count on an emphasis in compliance and results through the process.  For more see TEL3's portfolio, FAQ, or schedule for a free phone consultation today.


A Fire Not Easily Quenched...

Tyler has been a creative individual since he was a child.  The world however did not present itself as the blank canvas he had hoped and as he grew he began to incline himself towards more practical avenues of thinking.  This however did not extinguish the creative blossom inside of him, it only intensified as it poked through anything and everything he did.

Statistics curbed him from attending art school as he saw many others do.  He feared that art had no real monetary value in the world and so he pursued business.

As he maintained normal jobs and excelled in business and logical methods of living though, he began to see how his constant love of art and creativity could be a 'fuel' for real-world environments and situations rather than the focal point.

In establishing TEL3, Tyler has aimed to satisfy both his abundant creative side and his chosen profession of business/accounting by marrying the two in a service that will aid others in prospering their ideas, assets, and visions.

If you feel like you're just missing that 'spark' that may ignite your project or business, please schedule today for your free phone consultation!  If you want to learn more about Tyler, TEL3, or some helpful insights, please check out the blog or FAQ section of the website.

Hope to hear from you soon! ;)

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