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I Believe In A Thing Called...Belief...

I thought perhaps this might be the best 'jumping off' point.

We live in a day and age where there are so many voices, and those voices are easier to hear because of the ease of technology, most especially social media. The problem? There's too much chatter. Like being in a room full of people yelling, it can be difficult to pick out who to listen to, and whether what they have to say is really helpful or meaningful to us.

Our lives are comprised of influence whether we realize it or not. From the moment we are born, we are impressionable and drinking in every moment: every word, sight, movement, body language, and so on. I don't know every single person's story, but there are many terrible lives that began by being told that they 'are not enough', 'won't ever', 'can't ever', and sometimes worthless. These words penetrate and take root like a weed in a beautiful flower garden...sometimes not coming up right away, but inevitable choking out potential life and beauty.

Back to what I was saying: so many voices. So many hurt people, hurt people that are angry, depressed, confused, and searching for life, love, and meaning themselves. These voices yell the loudest and if we aren't careful to guard ourselves we can allow that echo to plant new seeds of hopelessness and failure.

Being a sensitive person by nature, I've succumbed to the negative toxicity of letting the wrong voices decide my life for me. I've believed little, I've settled, I've thrown my life away, and even allowed myself to become another loop of that perpetual dark megaphone.

When a friend/business owner first gave me an opportunity to collaborate and add my own personal touch to their business I was nervous, in disbelief, and almost said no...but I was sick and tired of doing what everyone else did. I swallowed the stomach acid welling up in my throat and said yes, proceeding forward without a clue what I was doing. Turns out I was pretty good at it and became fairly confident in the services I offered...and I learned to be humble along the way in realizing that I didn't know EVERYTHING and felt the relief in knowing that we are all the same in that regard. There is no perfect person. Nobody knows everything about what they do. There is no ultimate fix. We do our best and grow along the way.

The key though, is to keep believing, and find people who promote growth and excellence. Surround yourself with voices that believe and want to see you succeed, but are honest and unafraid to tell you like it is.

What have you believed about your life? Are there any areas that you still think you may be believing the lies of something that was planted by a negative voice?

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