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"Why should I hire someone to do marketing/design for me?  I can do everything myself.  I think marketing companies are just a waste of money."

You're right.  You absolutely can do your own marketing and design; we even encourage it!  Not everyone can though.  In the same way that I'm not a sushi chef, some do not believe they are artistically talented, strategically gifted, or practiced to the point to achieve what they need.  So I leave my favorite raw fish dish to the expert, and others that recognize they've given their best but still desire a 'creative touch' or a more efficient system of improving their stats--they call us.  Also, there comes a point for any DIY business that they get burnt out.  Tired.  They begin to settle, accept sloppy work, and don't care about results as long as they get by; this is where our services can be helpful.  We can be a set of fresh eyes, new vigor, and the motivation to push you through to excellence and an easy to maintain system.  Just give us a call, it won't cost you anything to chat on the phone.

"Can't I just create my own design?"

Again, I'll say 'YES!', but many do not realize the many variables that go into logo creation, building a brand, and image use.  Any image that is pulled from the internet usually has a copyright attached(yes, that's even Google images).  Logos need to fit the current day trend, which currently inclines toward a minimalist approach while holding originality and visual appeal.  Brand is something that requires a lot of 'what-if' thinking as you try to imagine the directions your company could go, and what your image might be used for.  Sociology, psychology, creativity, and professionalism are all different angles that play a part in this process for long-term success.

"Why do I need a website?  I have a Facebook page already.  I also have a great word-of-mouth reputation!"

Facebook pages are great, and a necessity.  Unfortunately, this is only a part of really creating an online presence for your business/organization.  A pro website, and even an Instagram are bare minimum.  If you really want to be recognized, you can throw in a YouTube channel, a Twitter, Pinterest, etc. etc.  Think of it as a body:  each platform you use becomes a different body part that reaches different people in various ways.  Not everyone uses/likes Facebook, and the same is true for YouTube, and so-on.  Word-of-mouth is a rare gem that often gets discredited; I have found it to be a wondrous tool.  All-the-same, you are missing potential customers/sales/supporters by not using all that is available in the growing age of online identity.

"Why do I need a plan?"

You will lose money.  Plain and simple.  Just to show what I mean:  budgeting is another service I offer.  I've found that in any budget I've done, I can create a way of financial management that pays bills, chunks away at debt, and STILL allots an amount for fun/leisure/misc. spending!  How?  It's all in the details.  We as a comfortable society throw away offensive amounts of money.  Everyone.  Where?  In a few dollars here, a few there, and before we know it:  we're broke.  When we don't know where the money is going, we lose it easier and don't care until things get rough.  Let TEL3 assist you in setting up a template that allows you to form new habits that will lead to positive results both in managing stress, increasing your numbers, and leave you feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

"I'm happy where I'm at, why do anything different?"

I promise that this isn't a sales pitch:  quite frankly this is more a passion than a profit for us.  Truth be told, if you are complacent(comfortable), you will phase out or lose touch with your customers.  Humanity desires familiarity...but also 'new'(keep an eye for the blog that talks about this subject).  If you choose one or the other--you're out.  Business requires a continual need to show their loyal customers that you not only want to meet their favorite 'usual' order, but that they matter and YOU the business/organization want to impress them and give them something better.  Doing the same thing over and over becomes old, dated, and boring.  Keep elements that work, but always seek to grow.  Beyond that, your entity should be a part of something bigger:  don't settle for just being able to pay your bills and get what you want, help your community to thrive with new ideas, better economy, and progression with exciting new services, events, dishes, and products!  I'm sure that you enjoy surprises and new opportunities, so does everyone else and you have the platform to provide it!

"I designed my own material, but I want TEL3 to promote it."

Marketing, and most especially design, is an art.  Art is a personal expression and deserves respect.  TEL3 aims to respect all art, but does not necessarily have to like or endorse it all either.  TEL3 has its own standard of quality that it desires to be known by, and this image is what potential clients looks towards.  If you, the client, have designed your own logo or materials, this is great and encouraged, but it will not always be backed by us.  Art is a subjective thing, but there are some areas where it should be continually worked over to achieve the best possible standard.  For example:  if the client makes a pixelated logo in MS paint in five minutes and expects this to be hailed as a masterpiece, TEL3 would not agree and cannot accept business.  The populace expects more from us as leaders, to put thought, effort, and excellence into all that we do.  We at TEL3 can appreciate a sincere effort to create, but until that effort becomes a deep drive of passion, we cannot continue with this as the core motive for your business to progress forward.  Never be afraid.  Create, and then seek out critique.  After hearing the opinions and advice of professionals, strive to create even better.  We at TEL3 will never put down art, and we are always willing to lend a helpful voice to those who wish to grow.

"I have an idea for a business, organization, or event, but it might sound stupid..."

Never associate the word 'stupid' with your ideas.  Ever.  It may not be realistic, it may not be profitable, but calling it 'stupid' or 'less than' are defeating words that keep you from really achieving a dream inside of you.  Call us.  Let TEL3 hear you and talk through what you 'want' to do, and what might be a route to fulfill your vision.  For example:  Mrs. Smith may have the dream of playing for NFL football but has never played a sport a day in her life.  Her dream is not 'stupid', but the probability and realistic aspects are not there.  Upon talking through things at length though, Mrs. Smith finds that she loves being a part of a team, loves the sport of football, and wants to be where all of the action is.  From this breakdown, there are MORE real opportunities for Mrs. Smith than ever before.  She can be a sports journalist, professional sports photographer, physical therapist for players, dietitian, and any number of profession that get her right next to where she want to be all-the-while utilizing her natural talents.  Sometimes people even find ways to create a new niche slot for something unique that incorporates their dream with their skills!  Don't ever sell yourself short, but be willing and flexible to hear alternative options that may fulfill you even more than what you may have envisioned!

"I saw an ad for something that promises a quick return if I just follow their steps and sign up for their course!"

Sometimes there are the occasional few that stumble across that rare opportunity to make it big, fast.  They get rich quick, they live the life, and now they want to share it.  Stop there.  Life is hard.  Economy and culture are immense machines that cannot be fooled and manipulated easily.  There is a good chance that the ad or course you saw are either a scam to make money for that person or that person is trying to share a method that only works once in a blue moon.  Real success takes hard work, diligence, time, and investment(your own time and money).  Even with those who 'get rich quick', they lack the experience of suffering, trial and error, and problem solving.  Those people will usually end up broke, or looking foolish trying to live a life that they don't know how to run.  

Take the smart route:  pick your own path, plot a destination, and put in the hard journey to get there.  It's all part of the REAL success of making it.  Not only will you reap the benefits of finding what works for you and what you do, but you know how invaluable knowledge to pass on to others who have only just started.  Anything else is comparable to being handed a set of keys to a house you've never been in:  you won't know where anything is, how it works, and you'll never really feel like you own it.

*Theses are merely a few questions or paraphrases of real concerns from real people.  There are many other great inquiries and thoughts, so if you do not see what you are looking for here please send us a message!  We are more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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