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Policy shouldn't be a scary or negative word.  We all need boundaries and parameters in which we function best and serve others well.

“We are free to choose our actions, . . . but we are not free to choose the consequences of these actions.”  ― Stephen R. Covey

This is a true statement, but we have a better chance of good outcome(consequence) if we adhere to good or proper action.  That is where TEL3's policies come in.

Be on Time

Simply put:  time IS money.  Some of us have more of one or the other, but time should be treated with the same respect of finances.  Show up on time to personal consultations. 

If a client is over 15 minutes late, TEL3 has the right to cancel said scheduled meeting and bill for the amount of the consult.  If the client shows up past the agreed meeting time, there is no addition of time to the meeting.  For example:  if John Doe is scheduled to meet at 3:00 p.m. for a consult of 30 minutes, but shows up at 3:15, he will only have 15 mins of consultation and be billed the full amount.  

The first step to success is proper time/financial management and if this isn't a priority, the other services TEL3 offers will not be of any sustainable help.


It takes a team to achieve results.  I do my job, the client does theirs.  

As such, TEL3 requires 50% payment fronted of services rendered, and the remaining upon completion of service for any particular project or a la carte service.  Rights and use will not be relinquished to the client until remaining payment has been fulfilled.  Should payment not be made, TEL3 reserves the right to hold materials, rights, and use of service and/or product provided to the client.

Acceptable Payment

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money order, and in certain approved circumstance--other verified methods, i.e. paypal, P2P, etc.  Please notify TEL3 of method of payment prior to service or contract.


Some clients have very specific needs and/or preferences in regards to design, logistics, and details of what they desire.  This is fine, but it can be limiting to the work TEL3 can do.  If there is a heightened need for frequent communication and approvals in the process of service(s), there is also a need for timely response from the client in regard to service.

If the client does not complete needed actions and/or respond to communication from TEL3 in a timely manner, TEL3 has the right to charge for services regardless of ability to complete said services and/or quality of services and holds no liability for not meeting customer needs.  Example:  John Doe has hired TEL3 to design a flyer for his upcoming event.  John gives some general information, but doesn't answer texts or calls for a few days.  TEL3 continues to design the flyer in the best capacity with the client in mind, but John Doe is not happy or satisfied with the final product.  TEL3 charges the fee for service and will not take additional time to make preferred changes without additional costs and cooperation.

Some helpful ways to avoid this situation:  be clear in the details of service, be timely in answering communication, and/or trust the abilities of whom you hired.

Refusal of Service

TEL3 reserves the right to refuse service at any time or place with or without prior notice and/or reason.  

The views and/or beliefs held by clients of TEL3 do not represent or influence TEL3 as an entity or person.

TEL3 strives to meet the needs of individuals/businesses/organizations in as many aspects possible, but strives to maintain dignity, character, and excellence.

Some examples of practice that TEL3 will not engage in or be affiliated are as follows:  dehumanization of any kind, abuse(domestic, sexual, mental, psychological, etc.), devaluing of human life, gossip, slander, slam campaigns, unhealthy competition, disrespect of religious beliefs or personal beliefs as a whole, racism, violence, or any practice that does not build up, encourage, or grow towards a positive outcome.

This list is not exhaustive, but a mere idea of the values held by TEL3 so that clients can assess their visions, purpose, and goals and decide if TEL3 is the right fit for their needs.


TEL3 aims to meet your vision.  Be as clear as possible with as many details as time allows.

After the initial consultation, TEL3 will design logos/marketing material based upon information given in initial consultation.

The client will be given several proofs upon completion to choose from and from that point, the client may request (2) additional reformations.  Any additional changes will result in additional charges per draft.  If the client is not satisfied, the full amount will be charged and the client may choose their most favored draft for the final product.  For more information on the 'why' please keep watch on our blog for this topic.


TEL3 does not encourage the use of subscription, but in some cases, the client may need continual support and service.  

Subscription basis is a custom charge that is unique to the individual/organization requesting such.

Subscriptions are non-negotiable once implemented, and will be charged regardless of the client's use of services.

Charitable Contributions

TEL3 is very supportive of businesses/organizations that aim to serve their communities and better the world around them in a selfless way.

Contributions by TEL3 will be decided upon internally with a set limit to services and offered services are not subject to liability or entitlement from the client.  Some services and products will be offered free of charge, and others at a slight discount.  Contact TEL3 with your organization's legal paperwork, mission, and needs for more information.

*This is not an exhaustive list of TEL3's policies and standards of practice.  Policies and SOP are subject to change, amendment, and addition as we learn, grow, and evolve into the best we can be.  Ask questions and continue to inform yourself periodically.  Thank you for your understanding.

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